The RNR1 offers revolutionary performance, courtesy of a unique blend of discrete circuits and purpose designed, transformers from Mr. Rupert Neve, and the best capsules and chassis design that Siwei Zou and sE have to offer.

The RNR1 mic has all the qualities engineers love in the very best Ribbons … warm and silky lows and incredible depth and air to mid frequencies, but with a clarity and impact in high frequencies that reveals vital harmonic information normally missing.

We invite you to evaluate an RNR1, and listen for yourself.

“I have worked for some time on the designs for this new range of microphones – the concepts of which are actually already being implemented in our own Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Console – namely utilizing Discrete Single-Sided Circuits and my custom designed transformers.

This new approach to analogue sound processing has required extreme care in its manufacture and meticulous alignment of the embedded discrete op-amps and the delicate microphone elements.

I am delighted with the early fruits of this collaboration and look forward to the series of revolutionary products that will follow.” -Rupert Neve

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